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Did Spotify's heart stop?

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Math Rock genre image from The Riff

Some of you woke up today, opened your Spotify App and did not find the heart icon!!!

It is that little heart icon that clicking on it tells Spotify that you like that song or playlist, and in return, you hopefully get music recommendations. It is also the same heart button that helped you so far to collect your favorite songs that were carefully picked into one big list that one might even say that it defines who you are...

Confused and angry people wrote many posts about that. Posts like:

Yes. the heart icon was gone!

Well... not completely and not for all of us.

Spotify, like any other software company that constantly tries to optimize, innovate and improve its product, is conducting experiments. They conduct experiments to test whether a new feature or a new change meets even better their users' needs and also increases Spotify's business goals.

During tests, some users get a version with the experiment version, while others get to stay with the current behavior, that way later, they can compare the results and decide which version won.

This is why not all of us got this update, and maybe Spotify eventually will kill this change after analyzing the test results.

The group that got the missing heart got instead a new ability - they can select one song and add it to several playlists, including the old good Liked playlist.

If you wish to make some impact on Spotify's decision, you can do so here. It is a dedicated post made by Spotify.

By the way, did you know that with the Spotilicious app you can filter your Liked playlists and your other playlists by your own Mood, Genres, BPM, Live, and more other filters?


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